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Walk & Talk in the centre of Groningen

Bikes are part of the Dutch identity. Learn everything about the do's and don'ts, visit interesting bikepoints and enjoy a coffee in the best and only bikepub of town. No bike needed, we just walk.



Walk &Talk in the center of Groningen

“De Amsterdamse School” is an appealing decorative style of architecture from the Netherlands. It started in Amsterdam at the beginning of the last century and spread all across the country. In the city of Groningen and in the province you can see a very specific colourful version. Walk Downtown with Marianne, discover beautiful buildings and listen to interesting facts and anecdotes.



Walk & Talk

During a walkingtour in the centre you'll learn about the rich history of Hanze-city Groningen.

Listen to the stories of how the tide used to roll through the canals and admire the characteristic houses and ships. Have a coffee in the old harbourcafe and travel back in time.



Food Tour in Town

Learn everything about typical Dutch food and the most remarkable customs. Get familiar with the spots where you can find Dutch Specialities and have lunch at Marianne's place.  There will be a variety of Dutch bites: maybe a "Fries gebakje" or a "Pannekoek met Stroop" or a sandwich with "Hagelslag" 

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